Dispensary Module

The Point and Click Dispensary module is an intuitive and easy to use component of the EHR designed for dispensing medications and supplies in the Student Health Center. It supports common health center workflows, such as:

  • Single course of medication, e.g. antibiotics
  • Multiple fills at once, e.g. contraceptives
  • Split fills across multiple lots
  • Refill tracking for long term medication


The Dispensary module has a number of key features that make it an invaluable tool in the daily workflow of the Student Health Center. They include:

  • Dispensary item list (medications and supplies)
  • Standardized ordering for dispensary items
  • Dispensary workplace
  • Rx fill preparation
  • Automatic label and/or patient education printing
  • Rx dispensing records
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Interfaces with the  PNC  inventory tracking module


The Dispensary module has the following benefits:

  • Standardized dispensary orders
  • Consistent capture of NDC's, lot numbers, and expiration dates
  • Support for identifying expired medications
  • Support for tracking number of available refills
  • Support for "Prepare for Later Pick-up" workflow
  • Quality control over Rx bottle labeling
  • Integration with drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-condition alerts
  • Facilitates manufacturer lot recalls
  • Automatic charge capture at the point of dispensing
  • Integration with the PNC Inventory module

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please e-mail us at or call us at 781.272.9800.